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The gate to chaos

Beyond the gate to the Israel–Lebanon border lies the world of Hezbollah and, if you carry on straight into Lebanon and turn right to Syria, the drama of the Syrian civil war. 

A child survivor’s story

Through the kindness of strangers, toddler Francine Lazarus was able to survive World War II, and recounted her amazing story to Yael Brender.

Schools pioneer mourned

ISRAEL Kipen, Holocaust survivor, philanthropist and Jewish day schools pioneer, has passed away at 98. Kipen was among a small circle that founded Mount Scopus Memorial College, Australia’s first Jewish day school, in 1948.

Segal unlocks Middle East puzzle

WITH a topic as complex and rapidly changing as ‘The New Middle East and Why it Matters’, leading geopolitics and terrorism expert Hagai Segal began by saying, “I could talk about this for the next seven hours.”

World has failed Syria

As the news from Aleppo sinks in, Israeli politicians are responding angrily, members of the public are demonstrating, and a furious monologue by a Tel Aviv-based Arab journalist is going viral.

Heartbreak as Segal denied bronze

AUSTRALIAN skier Anna Segal (pictured) has fallen agonisingly short of securing Australia's first medal at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, falling eight points short of bronze medalist Canadian Kim Lamare in the final of the ladies’s ski slopestyle final.