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Outrage over Labor MP’s appointment

LABOR MP Shaoquett Moselmane, who described some Israel supporters as a “political lobby group that is cancerous, malicious and seeks to deny, misinform and scaremonger”, has been appointed as assistant president of the NSW Legislative Council.

New Coogee MP Marjorie O’Neill lauds community

INCOMING Coogee MP Marjorie O'Neill told The AJN this week, "The Jewish community has welcomed me in with open arms."

Foley sorry after Vic barred

NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley personally apologised because a Jewish community leader was barred entry to the launch of the Labor Union Multicultural Action Committee on Monday night.

The ALP and Israel: Redressing the balance

A new Labor group has been established, with the aim of restoring balance in the party on Israel and the Middle East, The AJN can exclusively reveal.

Moselmane slammed for ‘fictional history’

A claim made in NSW Parliament last week by Opposition Whip in the Legislative Council, Shaoquett Moselmane, that no Jews in pre-State Israel were “ever harmed” by Palestinians, has outraged political and communal leaders.

Moselmane: Supporters of Israel ‘cancerous and malicious’

TWO months after his infamous attack on Israel in the NSW Upper House, MP Shaoquett Moselmane was at it again last week – calling supporters of Israel “cancerous” and “malicious” – just two days after 20 of his Labor Party colleagues signed the London Declaration on Combating Anti-Semitism.

Secord champions Israel in parliament

NSW state Labor MP Walt Secord went to the extraordinary length of raising three points of order in defence of Israel during a speech by his own party colleague in the NSW Upper House last Thursday.