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US seeks to reassure Israel over Syria

After a fortnight of frenzy, Israel’s security officials relaxed on Sunday, when America slowed the timetable for its pullout from Syria.

Trump and Putin discuss Syria

In past discussions Trump has shown naivety about Russia’s seriousness about threats from Syria, and all indications after this week’s summit are that he is becoming less assertive, not more, with Putin.

Iran steps up nuclear enrichment

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei said that he is ordering preparations for the increase of uranium enrichment, within the limits of Iran's nuclear deal "for the time being".

Golan Heights residents fear escalation

As world powers decide their next steps for a volatile Syria, in the largest Jewish town in the Golan Heights, the security chief is preparing bomb shelters.

Chemical attack in Syria outrages Israelis

It is just over 65 kilometres from Israel to Douma, where a toxic attack has killed an estimated 70 people, injured many others, and provided the world with a reminder of the devastation that man can wreak with chemicals.

Netanyahu to Iran: ‘Do not test Israel’s resolve’

Iran will retaliate against any "unwise move" from Israel by flattening Tel Aviv and killing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a senior official in Tehran has threatened.

The gate to chaos

Beyond the gate to the Israel–Lebanon border lies the world of Hezbollah and, if you carry on straight into Lebanon and turn right to Syria, the drama of the Syrian civil war. 

Segal unlocks Middle East puzzle

WITH a topic as complex and rapidly changing as ‘The New Middle East and Why it Matters’, leading geopolitics and terrorism expert Hagai Segal began by saying, “I could talk about this for the next seven hours.”

Time to end the occupation

FIFTY years ago, Israel braced itself for war. Egypt, Jordan and Syria surrounded the country and proclaimed Israel’s imminent destruction. But Israel struck first, delivering a fatal blow to Egypt’s air force within hours of the war beginning.

Israeli leaders welcome US Syria strike

Israeli leaders across the political spectrum have welcomed the airstrikes on a Syrian base, applauding Donald Trump’s decision to retaliate after the Syrian regime attacked its own people with chemical weapons.