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Jerusalem or Tel Aviv?

IT is an age-old debate, even more polarising than the Melbourne versus Sydney argument. Jerusalem or Tel Aviv?

Standing up to the Eurovision boycott brigade

SBS is to be applauded for its principled stand. Eurovision is about music; keep politics out of it.

Trade war of political words

The Jewish community is thrilled that the Victorian government has opened a trade office in Israel irrespective of its location.

Australia won’t move embassy to Jerusalem

Australia will not follow the lead of the United States and move its embassy to Jerusalem. "Our policy position remains precisely where it has been for many years," Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said this week.

Nineteen-year-old murdered

He was waiting for a ride to go home for the weekend, but instead of getting picked up and seeing his loved ones, Ron Kokia was brutally killed in Israel's latest terrorist attack.

Olmert released from prison

FORMER Prime Minister Ehud Olmert walked free this week, leaving prison after serving just 16 months of his 27-month sentence for corruption. 

A cause for celebration or mourning?

JUST three days after a concert at the Kotel to mark Yom Yerushalayim, another massive crowd gathered in Tel Aviv to mark the very same occasion. This time, angry speeches took the place of jubilant dancing.

Vic Libs call for embassy move

The stage could be set for Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop to greenlight a move of Australia’s Israel embassy to Jerusalem after the influential Victorian branch of the Liberal Party voted resoundingly for a switch from Tel Aviv.

Making Sydney a smart city

TEL Aviv is a smart city in more ways than one. Largely thanks to the efforts of Tel Aviv Global CEO Hila Oren, residents are enjoying improved innovation, nightlife, connectivity through their own personalised “digital card” and free Wi-Fi all over the city.

Art meets with nature on Dion’s palette

SYDNEY artist Dana Dion’s latest exhibition comprises works inspired by the views through branches and trees where she lives and works.