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Two Palestinian men arrested in death of yeshiva student

Two Palestinian men suspected in the murder of yeshiva student Dvir Sorek have been arrested.

Israeli student, 19, found stabbed to death in West Bank

A 19-year-old yeshiva student was found stabbed to death in the West Bank’s Etzion settlement bloc.

‘Compassion trumps politics’

"AN attack on one faith is an attack on us all," NSW Jewish Board of Deputies (JBOD) CEO Vic Alhadeff said at a presentation in Christchurch last week, where he delivered a cheque for almost $70,000 to the city's mayor.

Palestinian terrorist killed by IDF after fire exchange

The IDF has killed the Palestinian terrorist who carried out the shooting spree near the West Bank city of Ariel on Sunday, killing two Israelis and severely injuring one. Late

Cheng shares his Israel inspiration

Courage to Care NSW ambassador Alpha Cheng – whose father Curtis was tragically shot dead in 2015 by a teenage terrorist outside Parramatta Police Station - revealed he gained inspiration and strength to become a public campaigner for social harmony after a life-changing visit to Israel.

Terrorist kills father of six

A terrorist has killed 35-year-old Israeli and father of six, Rabbi Raziel Shevach, in the West Bank during a drive-by shooting.

Nineteen-year-old murdered

He was waiting for a ride to go home for the weekend, but instead of getting picked up and seeing his loved ones, Ron Kokia was brutally killed in Israel's latest terrorist attack.

Aussie couple witness Nice terrorist attack

Gary and Sheila Esterman watched on in horror from their hotel balcony as a terrorist used his truck to kill 84 people and injure hundreds more on Bastille Day in Nice.

‘I had this immense responsibility to help’

An Australian woman currently living in Israel has spoken of her harrowing ordeal when she was caught up in the terrorist attack in Tel Aviv last week that left four people dead.

Tel Aviv refuses to cower

Tel Aviv traumatised but refuses to cower

A traumatised Tel Aviv sent a defiant message to terrorists this week, insisting that it’s business as usual across the city – even in the cafe where four people were murdered last Wednesday (June 8).