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Our failure to honour Israel’s fallen

Last Tuesday night our Sydney community marked Yom Hazikaron. I was once again shocked and saddened to see the relatively poor turnout of people to this important annual event, writes Naomi Balkin.

Yom Hazikaron: ‘Because of them, we are alive’

TUESDAY night’s Yom Hazikaron commemorations in Sydney and Melbourne struck a particularly emotional chord, following the loss of four Israeli lives over the weekend as a result of Hamas rocket fire from Gaza.

From solemnity to celebration

WITH Pesach almost over, the community now turns to preparing for the highs and lows of the three "Yoms".

‘We will never forget’

MORE than 600 members of the community turned out to pay their respects to Israel’s fallen soldiers and terror victims at a moving ceremony on Tuesday evening.

Fallen soldiers never forgotten

IDAN Goldberger almost paid the ultimate price. Fifteen years ago, on his 21st birthday, Goldberger’s name was very nearly added to the list of 23,646 soldiers who have fallen defending the State of Israel. 

A time to remember, a time to party

IN the wake of Yom Hashoah, we look ahead to another week of commemorations and celebrations in the days ahead.

Marking the Yoms

THE Jewish community will mark two inextricably linked commemorations – one celebratory and one sombre – next week.

Remembering Israel’s fallen

“Though Israel has had to fight many wars, from the very beginning it has sought peace,” Zionist Council of NSW president Richard Balkin said at the Yom Hazikaron commemoration for fallen soldiers and victims of terror at Moriah College on Sunday night (April 30).

Honouring Israel’s fallen

“THE one true comforting thought we can have is that Danny died defending the country that he loved, and the country that he knew from childhood would be his home.”

Yom Hazikaron observed in Sydney and Melbourne

MORE than 300 people attending a Yom Hazikaron remembrance ceremony at Sydney’s Moriah College on May 10 got a real sense of the human cost of protecting the State of Israel through the words of guest speaker Omer Levi.