‘Think security’, urges CSG

The Community Security Group logo.

WITH the High Holy Days here, the Community Security Group (CSG) has asked members of the community to be on the lookout for any unusual activity, such as suspicious people, objects and vehicles.

A CSG spokesperson said that “information gathering has been confirmed in over 90 per cent of cases prior to a terrorist attack, demonstrating that the information collected by ordinary people is often critical in preventing an attack or identifying a threat.

“Community installation staff and guards are trained in it, however we rely on the entire community to identify and report suspicious activity to CSG as this could prevent an incident.”

The CSG stated that “‘suspicious’ is defined by if it looks out of place in context of the venue or location. Most importantly, trust your gut; if something doesn’t feel right, it isn’t right. This is why we say, ‘if you see something, do something’.

“For a suspicious object which may be left unattended, don’t touch it and report to security and CSG. For a suspicious person it may be that they look out of place, appear to be gathering information on the venue or simply your instinct tells you that something isn’t right.

“For all security incidents, first ensure you and your family are safe. Report it to security at the Jewish installation where you see the incident. Use CSG Alert [from app stores] to report it immediately.”


*Don’t loiter outside shule;
*Walk in well-lit streets;
*Be “situationally aware” – look ahead of where you are going to see if there are any dangers (security dangers, car accidents, etc);
*Walk in groups;
*Shules should operate on a “closed-door” policy. This means at all times, the doors and gates to synagogues should be closed and locked.
*For those who don’t regularly attend synagogue, expect to be asked a few questions by security. This is a routine security procedure. Please cooperate.
* If you hear of any security incident (via CSG Alert, from the rabbi in shule or otherwise) listen to their advice.
*The CSG work 24/7. Our Response Team, Control Room, Crisis Management Structure and liaison with Victoria Police is always active to help any community member in danger

Those interested in attending a free two-hour self and community awareness workshop are encouraged to contact CSG on (03) 9519 8600